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Semiautomatic Drum and Container Filling Line

The line is designed for filling both 1000 liter IBC’s and normal 209 liter drums / barrels. It consist of straight chain driven heavy duty roller conveyor which is carrying IBC’s or a standard pallet loaded with four drums / barrels through the filling process and conveying them for further storing. The filling machine is semiautomatic coarse-and-fine filling station; first is programmable volumetric and then fine filling with integrated weighing system. Cap closing / bunging and sealing will be made manually but a machine aided. The station operation is controlled by Siemens S7C programmable logic.

The line is manufactured in 2006 by Finnish company “Insinööritoimisto Jyrki Kekälainen” The Equipment is dismantled and stored.

Technical data:

Manufactured in: 2006
Suitable for: Standard IBC and Drums
Max filling weigh: 1500 kg
Filling accuracy: 0.5 kg
Filling capacity: 7 IBC/hour or 35 Drums (209 liters) / hour
Roller conveyor type: Chain Driven, Galvanized
Roller conveyor length: Approx 16 meters
Roll diameter: 80 mm

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