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Laboratorium Pad-Steam unit Werner Mathis PSA, made in year 1977

Mathis Laboratory Pad-Steam Range Type PSA

Laboratory pad steam range type PSA is made for continuous and practice-oriented operation for steaming and after-treatment of a pad steam process. The range is especially suitable for treating of cotton, cotton-synthetics, polyacrylnitrile, as well as viscose fibers.

The dyestuff application is done at the two-roll vertical padder. The pneumatic load transmission and the equal shore hardness of both rollers guarantee a uniform pick up. Two dye troughs of different sizes allow following applications:
- larger trough for long samples,
- smaller, easily removable trough for short samples and
- trials in series with a large selection of dye shades.

The material is impregnated with chemicals in the dip trough, which is placed in front of the steamer. A driven squeezing device with pneumatic cylinders determines the pickup. The arrangement of the squeezing device and chemical trough permit a fast entry into the steaming chamber, which is especially favorable at low fabric speeds

An absolutely air free steaming atmosphere is required for an optimum dyestuff fixation.
Trials with saturated steam or with slightly overheated steam up to 115°C are possible by means of a temperature regulator.

An inspection window allows to observe the material during the steaming process. Perfect heat insulation is guaranteed by the double-walled construction with insulation in between.
All inner parts of the steamer are made of acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316

For the after treatment of the dyed goods, there are wash troughs with a material content of 1m, 2m, or 4m available. Each wash trough can individually be heated with direct steam and hand valve or automatic temperature regulator.

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