Ohjelmoitava uuni GT1411 630 ℃ kokonaisteho 250kW 380V


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Ohjelmoitava uuni GT1411 630 ℃ kokonaisteho 250kW 380V

Glass Heating Equipment Furnace GT1411

Equipment application.
This special equipment is used for heating homogenously the flat glass and cooling it thereafter, is involved in the glass deep processing machinery.
The suitable working glass is clear float glass.

Power supply requirement and total weight of equipment.
This kind of equipment requires a 3-phase-5-line AC power supply of 380V and total installed power of it is about 250kW. Total weight is about 10 tons.

Constitution of Glass Heating Equipment.
Computer, control cabinet, power regulation cabinet, loading table, heating section, coating section, annealing section, unloading table.

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